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Audio technology adds additional interactive dimension to fashion retailerÂ’s latest store promotion

Audio technology adds additional interactive dimension to fashion retailer’s latest store promotion


Gap has used ‘invisible audio’ devices as part of interactive window displays in its flagship stores.


The fashion retailer worked with London-based creative digital agency, Signal Noise, to showcase its Be Bright ‘Denim Moves You’ campaign in its London, Paris, Rome and Milan flagship store windows.


The window displays each include six 46-inch LCD screens that run a huge video showcasing American ‘jookin’ dancer Lil’ Buck. To capture additional interest from passers-by at the London and Paris stores, the Signal Noise team installed Whispering Window ‘invisible audio’ devices from FeONIC Technology, which convert the window surface into a speaker, projecting the sound from the video on to the street.


Additional sensory dimension


Having been successfully used for three previous Gap campaigns, the Whispering Window creates additional impact and helps generate more interest in the eye-catching displays.


Hem Patel, a partner at Signal Noise, confirmed: “Having used FeONIC’s Whispering Window in three previous Gap campaigns, we certainly know that the devices help to ‘turn more heads’ and attract greater interest, as people are intrigued as to where the sound is coming from. The devices are great as although they may be small in appearance, they create a big impact, which works well for making an even bigger showcase of our digital retail displays.”


Brian Smith, managing director of FeONIC Technology, confirmed: “Audio is becoming a hugely popular element of many retail marketing campaigns.”