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Tesco gets social with Office 365

By Retail Technology | Sunday February 10 2013

Retailer selects cloud-based Microsoft software to help it support more collaborative working across the globe

Tesco has announced its selection of Microsoft Office 365 for its companywide collaboration and social platform.

The multichannel supermarket retailer has committed to deploying Office 365 to its employees working at the company’s headquarters, in the field and in stores, across all its locations in Europe and Asia.

“We want to put technology in the hands of all our colleagues, whether in the store, distribution centre or office, so they can create value for our customers,” said Mike McNamara, Tesco chief information officer. “We see Office 365 as an important solution to help us continue to meet that goal.”

Tesco will use the productivity software suite to enable its people to work more effectively together, regardless of geographic location.

Support for flexible working

“Office 365 will serve as the portal for all Tesco employees, suppliers and colleagues, encouraging a cultural shift to more flexible ways of working,” McNamara said. “This will allow our colleagues to engage with each other and deliver a great shopping experience on any channel, as well as encouraging colleagues to share, re-use and reward ideas and expertise.”

Tesco also sought to put in place an internal collaboration platform that was more than just a repository for documents, according to Microsoft. Instead, the company wanted to find better ways of communicating ideas and news to its multinational workforce.

“Office 365 will enable us to be a fully connected organisation that works closely together, proactively shares knowledge, motivates loyalty and retention of employees and encourages better working practices to ensure that we create value for customers,” added McNamara.