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Lowe Alpine updates web presence

By Retail Technology | Monday April 22 2013

New website aims to raise the bar within the outdoor and leisure sector, using social networking integration and multimedia content

Outdoor accessories provider Lowe Alpine has worked with digital agency NuBlue to create a brand new website designed to add new dimensions to the concept of an online product catalogue, while making the site a social media hub for those with a love of the great outdoors.

The site has been designed to be the outdoor enthusiast’s right hand man, with each site visitor only ever being one page away from discovering the perfect rucksack for them. By using relational databases and a series of relevant questions, NuBlue has been able to direct each potential rucksack buyer to the product that suits them best, according to how often they climb or hike, as well as what they want from a rucksack.

Dynamic asset functionality

The site also showcases all of the products in the brand’s range, showing off every aspect of their design and incorporated technologies. These can be viewed as online videos or 360-degree images. Visitors can click on various parts of each product and receive information about how that element works. This guides the site visitor towards making an informed decision about a Lowe Alpine purchase and gaining the highest degree of satisfaction from the products.

Lancaster-based NuBlue has designed the site with Magento functionality, so that Lowe Alpine can establish business-to-business (B2B) selling in the future, should it wish to. The other main platform used is Wordpress.

The website is integrated into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and users have the option to ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ products from the individual product pages. 

Integrated social media hub

A community area of the website, called ‘The Hub,’ puts a focus on Lowe Alpine’s sponsored adventure athletes and their live feeds. This area enables the Lowe Alpine community to share their experiences, details of their climbs and hikes and their photos.

The new site has also been tested extensively by the NuBlue team and is compatible with mobile technology. 

NuBlue’s managing director, Michael Ashworth, said the agency worked extensively with the Lowe Alpine team to create a website that demonstrates a real understanding of the outdoor enthusiast and their needs and motivations.

Rin Columbi, marketing manager at Lowe Alpine, said: “Right at the top of our criteria list was the desire to have the best website in the outdoor industry – a goal we have definitely achieved. It was a very easy choice for us as a company to use NuBlue and we’ve been delighted with the process. NuBlue have also been super to work with.”

Lowe Alpine has also become the latest in a long line of outdoor lifestyle brands that have updated their online brand presence. Others include Quiksilver, Craghoppers and Rugged Ways.

This story was updated (24 April 2013) to clarify certain elements of the project. 

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