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Quidco ups multichannel ante instore

By Retail Technology | Wednesday May 22 2013

Instore cashback programme announces Ellis Brigham and Blue Inc. joining Debenhams and Vodafone, with more retailers set to join in coming weeks

UK cashback site Quidco recently announced that several major retailers had signed up to its instore programme, while promising news of a further 10 set to join in coming months.

Quidco first launched its instore programme in 2010 and has worked with High Street retailers ever since. Joining the likes of Debenhams and Vodafone, retailers such asEllis Brigham, Officers Club and Blue Inc. have recently signed up. Claiming to generate £2.5-million worth of monthly revenue for existing partners and boost incremental sales by 41%, the cashback site said its channel is helping retailers to maximise offline sales during challenging trading climates.

It also reported that it was signing up some 15,000 new cards every month. And that, with almost 1m cards registered, its users were enjoying between 2.7 and 12% cashback from participating UK High Street retailers. 

Expanding store cashback reach

With Ellis Brigham, Officers Club and Blue Inc joining as new instore partners, Quidco now works with 13 retail partners making cashback available in over 22,000 UK locations. The further 10 retailers it says it is in the process of signing up, it said the channel could double in size in coming months.

Once up and running, retailers are able to target Quidco’s Premium users (and those of their competitors) using rich data insight held by the cashback site. Once drawn into the retailer’s store, further targeting can be achieved using Quidco’s mobile app, to influence decision making at point of purchase.

While the basic Quidco service is offered free, it also provides Quidco Premium, where the site retains the first £5 of cashback earnings in return for offering increased customer care, bespoke offers and access to 1,000 faster paying retailers.  

Looking at the wider multichannel member, the provider said it was looking at maximising mobile opportunities in 2013. Recent work with Debenhams saw multichannel customers spend 114% more than the online shopper, with average transaction value (ATV) outperforming the category by 23%.

Value of multichannel member

While the new retail signings made no comment on joining the programme, Andy Oldham, Quidco managing director, said that the multichannel shopper is only increasing in value thanks to technology.

“Increasing the amount of in store partners has and will continue to be a focus in 2013,” he stated. “Because of Quidco, our retailers can easily access this type of shopper, maximising sales opportunities on and offline. Our work with the likes of Debenhams and Vodafone has upped incrementality to the tune of 40%, while driving £2.5m worth of ancillary sales for store retailers every month.

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