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Morrisons updates on IT automation

Morrisons updates on IT automation
Tuesday July 2 2013

Rebranded automation engine continues to enable supermarket retailer to run, build and transform it businesses

Morrisons this week said it is continuing to use IT automation technology to run and build its vertically integrated operation, including manufacturing and retail.

It first announced last year it was working to integrate its IT infrastructure, including mainframes and Oracle Retail investments, using the automation engine, provided by UC4 Software, which has just rebranded as Automic.
The supply chain IT management requirements of fourth largest UK supermarket extend to manufacturing, sorting, grading and packing its own produce. 

With multiple systems being responsible for keeping distinct parts of the supply chain connected, Automic’s automation capabilities allow Morrisons to connect disparate systems from legacy mainframes to newly implemented Oracle Retail systems – in a cost-effective way.
Providing crucial process component

Tony Stephenson, Morrisons IT operations manager, commented: “Morrisons is in a unique position, in the way it serves its customers by handling all aspects of the supply chain. The amount of applications required to operate this successfully, coupled with the testing and rollout of processes, means that automation is a crucial cog in Morrisons’ success. Manual execution of these processes wouldn’t allow us to run, build and transform the businesses in the same way that automation does.”
With instore sales data used for replenishment and manufacturing processes, Morrisons requires speed and close monitoring of its activity to ensure the smooth running of the business. Automic helps to ensure end-to-end visibility of workflows, allowing the IT department clear status of the supply chain.
“Automic enables us to scale-up and quickly implement processes that are essential to our business. The speed of deployment was very straightforward and effective, and was easily integrated into our Oracle Retail system with minimal maintenance,” concluded Stephenson.

Reflecting business IT priorities
"IDC's research consistently identifies automation as a top priority for businesses that are trying to streamline complex business processes and make more efficient use of their IT staff and infrastructure," stated Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research vice president for enterprise systems management software. 

She added: "Introduction of the Automic brand is a strategic move to better communicate the breadth and depth of the company's evolved business automation strategy solution and its ability to address complex automation requirements across business process, applications, and infrastructure."

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