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Free Wi-Fi launched at Young’s and Geronimo Pubs

By Retail Technology | Friday July 19 2013

Brewery signs public wireless communications deal in response to research showing consumer appetite for getting online

Visitors to Young’s pubs and Geronimo Inns are set to get free Wi-Fi, following a new five-year partnership between Young and Co.’s Brewery plc and BT Wi-Fi. 

The new deal will see public wireless access rolled out to 140 pubs and bars in London and the South East over the next five months. Customers will be able to use the free service to get online with any wireless mobile device, tablet or PC.

The move comes as research conducted earlier this year by ICM revealed that 87% of consumers have accessed the internet while at an eating or drinking outlet and 55% accessed Wi-Fi using a smartphone, tablet or laptop in a food and beverage site. 

Responding to hospitality Wi-Fi demand

Nearly half (49%) of the 2,000 consumers questioned for the BT sponsored survey said they predominantly checked social media when using Wi-Fi at one of these sites, while 42% were catching up on news and sport. A further 61% actively searched for a Wi-Fi hotspot while out and about eating and drinking in hospitality venues.

Andy Maynard, Young and Co.’s Brewery information systems manager, commented: “Increasing amounts of customers keep in touch with the office or hold work meetings at our pubs during the day. On evenings and weekends, visitors are catching up on the days’ goings on or keeping a check on the sports. Free Wi-Fi ticks the box on all counts and adds to the already social atmosphere.”

Young’s will also receive wider communications services from BT Expedite, BT’s multichannel retail specialist business. BT will connect Young’s point-of-sale machines in the pubs to reduce operational costs and provide better, more flexible services to their customers with fibre broadband, voice communications services and a dedicated support desk for landlords.

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