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Domino’s Pizza harnesses business insight

By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 23 2013

Global pizza chain strengthens e-commerce business efficiency by realising value of its data across entire operation with software analytics tool

Domino’s Pizza is using Splunk Enterprise to help boost new levels of customer understanding and interaction for its online business, having used the software analytics tool to improve its IT support and management.

The pizza chain originally selected Splunk Enterprise to resolve IT issues by collecting, indexing and monitoring machine data. It reported upfront savings of more than $300,000 using the tool to identify the need to replace legacy technology. 

Extended to e-commerce intelligence 

The company has now extended its use of Splunk across the organisation, to harness revenue insights in both business and marketing through online sales data collected across its entire corporate and franchise network of more than 10,000 stores. 
“In business and marketing, we have just begun scratching the surface of how we can use Splunk Enterprise to make better decisions. Comparing coupons, for example, already has vastly improved the effectiveness of those campaigns,” stated Russell Turner, manager of site reliability engineering for Domino’s Pizza. 

“Splunk software cut our mean time to resolution from hours or days to minutes and seconds, which frees up our IT and engineering teams to spend more time dreaming up new ways to use Splunk. In fact, if we unleashed all the business insights we now have access to with Splunk, we would be inundated with company requests for information. It really is our secret sauce.”

Making precision marketing decisions
Using Splunk Enterprise, Domino’s IT teams resolve issues including identifying and fixing network bandwidth and latency, internet connection or payment processing issues across stores. Beyond traditional IT operations, Domino’s uses the tool to visualise business sales trends across geographical locations such as orders per minute, numbers of transactions per store, what types of pizza and other food items customers order and what coupons they may be using to do so.
Initially, the company said it is using its newfound business insights to make more precise marketing decisions. For example, the IT team can track and create marketing reports about what types of devices – whether iPhones, Androids or Kindle Fires – are being used to place orders. With this knowledge, Domino’s can better determine where and when it may be more lucrative to run promotional campaigns. Splunk Enterprise also gives Domino’s marketing teams a way to analyse the success of promotional campaigns, as well as one-off promotions in real time. 

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