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Wolky footwear brand adopts RFID source tagging

By Retail Technology | Friday January 10 2014

Dutch manufacturer adds radio frequency accuracy and visibility to improve supply chain management and efficiency, as well as customer service

The Dutch footwear brand Wolky has announced it is to attach radio frequency identification (RFID) labels during the production of its shoes. 

Wolky will replace the barcode labels used on its boxes with a barcode label with integrated Nedap RFID tags. 

The new labels will be introduced in a part of the range, but the aim is to apply RFID labels to all items from the Wolky winter collection 2014 onwards.

Rapid inventory visibility

The RFID labels can be scanned in large numbers in a short period of time with the Nedap RFID scanner in the logistics chain and in the store. As a result, any deviations between the items sent and the items received, as well as any differences between actual stock levels and the administrative stock levels will be determined immediately and corrected. 

The manufacturer anticipates this will lead to less ‘no sales,’ lower inventory costs and reduced losses, as well as increased turnover and improved margins.

The first Wolky reseller has already integrated the new tracking capability by applying the RFID labels instore. In order to speed up the processes in the store, the Wolky brand received a request from this retailer to attach special RFID labels at the production stage. As it is expected that other resellers will also integrate RFID technology, Wolky has agreed to a phased introduction of a standard Wolky RFID label. 

Increased customer satisfaction 

Each Wolky reseller will be able to take advantage of the technology, while Wolky be able to use the RFID labels as a means of achieving efficiency benefits within its supply chain.

“We are continually on the look out for new opportunities to increase supply reliability and to enable our resellers to be in a position to provide an improved service to their customers. For this reason and following a request from one of our biggest customers to apply RFID labels during production, we have agreed to the phased application of RFID labels in order to set new standards in the footwear industry,” commented Anthony Diks, chief executive of Wolky.

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