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Home Depot rolls out assortment planning

Home Depot rolls out assortment planning
Tuesday January 14 2014

New software investment will help world's biggest home improvement retailer to meet customer demand and improve margins as well as sales

The Home Depot has this week revealed that it has implemented a new cloud-based assortment application suite, including modules for analytics, planning and in-season management. 

The Predictix system has been designed to let retailers create robust assortments to meet customer demand and optimise sales and margins. 

Its provider said the sofware enables users to process extremely high volumes of data very quickly, while spending less time analysing past history and more time doing forward-looking planning and analysis, including modelling options and creating and managing assortments by store clusters and demographics. 

Store and demographic analysis

“The Predictix tool provides a seamless ability to evaluate assortment changes at both the national and local level,” said Steve Huth, vice president of merchandising at The Home Depot. 

“The flexibility of this solution enabled integration with internal systems. This provides our merchants tools to evaluate and execute decisions quickly, in turn enabling an increased service to our customers.”

The home improvement speciality retailer is largest in the world, with 2,262 retail stores in all 50 US states.

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