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Thomas Sabo invests in store traffic analytics

Thomas Sabo invests in store traffic analytics
Tuesday February 11 2014

Retailer will use leading traffic counting solution to analyse global performance for greater insight into store performance and sales conversion rates

Global jewellery and lifestyle brand Thomas Sabo recently selected ShopperTrak to manage retail traffic counting and analytics in its 86 standalone stores worldwide. 

The system will be used across 13 countries to provide Thomas Sabo with daily insight into store performance and sales conversion rates. The organisation is also looking to extend the system to the company’s franchise network in the near future.

The retailer chose to adopt the retail foot traffic analytics provider’s technology for its global reach as well as its ability to convert sales data from multiple local currencies to Euros for easy analysis at Thomas Sabo’s corporate headquarters in Germany.

Extracting maximum business value 

Ivar Campbell Cole, operations and project manager at Thomas Sabo, said: “It was a key priority at corporate level to have a detailed understanding of how our stores were performing around the globe. This simply was not possible with our previous solution. 

"Relying on sales data alone was not giving us an accurate view of our performance. Rather than jumping to conclusions, ShopperTrak’s analysis enables us to look holistically at how merchandising, training, staff scheduling and individual locations impact global sales and conversion rates.”

A key part of the selection process was finding a partner that could deliver a user-friendly solution that would be embraced by the brand’s network of store managers. Without their buy-in, extracting maximum value from the partnership would be impossible.

Ensuring store manager buy-in

“We looked at a number of solutions, ShopperTrak really stood out when it came to ease of use”, continued Campbell Cole. “We want our store managers to see the value of the system, so it’s imperative that they’re able to use it effectively. 

“Some of its functionality is already making a significant difference to individual store performance,” he added. “Historically, store managers based staff rotas on assumptions about peak traffic times. ShopperTrak’s Power Hours reporting identifies our busiest periods, highlighting when we need our best staff on the shopfloor, now we’re able to schedule our rotas accordingly.”

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