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PayPal updates on mobile payments

By Retail Technology | Friday March 21 2014

Electronic payments giant reports adds new features to its payments app and announces wagamama, Prezzo and Gourmet Burger Kitchen as the latest recruits

PayPal has today revealed that over 2,000 UK High Street stores and restaurants are now signed up to its smartphone payment app, as it also launches new ‘order ahead’ and ‘pay at table’ features.

PayPal said that adding the new order ahead and pay at table features to its smartphone payment app would save time and make life easier for shoppers.

The first UK retail end-user to go live with the order ahead feature is pan-Asian restaurant chain wagamama

Diners can choose and order their wagamama takeaway through the app, saving time when they collect it from one of the 107 wagamama restaurants. And the chain has integrated the Altaine solution into its Micros electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system.

Richard Tallboy, director of business development at wagamama, said: “Allowing customers to order ahead and pay for their take-out through the PayPal app makes the experience more convenient for our customers. Payment is already sorted so they just need to pick up their food and enjoy.”

Sharing micro-payments

PayPal app users can also pay for their meal at their table at almost 200 Prezzo restaurants, with the option of splitting the bill with their friends, through their smartphones. 

This feature is designed to save customers time by ensuring they do not have to wait for their waiter or waitress to bring the bill and a PIN card machine to take payment. The Prezzo Pay At Table system is powered by MyCheck and Comtrex.

Christian Poole, marketing director at Prezzo, added: “PayPal has helped us give customers the control to view, split and pay the bill directly on their mobile phone. We’ve increased our sales, customer insights and satisfaction.”

Profile picture payments

In addition, customers ordering their meal at the 60 restaurants in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) chain can now leave their wallets at home and pay with their PayPal profile picture, following the success of paying by profile picture at GBK’s Richmond restaurant in 2013. GBK has integrated picture payment into its IBS EPoS system.  

Katie McDermott, marketing director at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, said: “With counter service at GBK, the facility for customers to check in and pay with their PayPal profile picture has made the transaction faster and easier and we’ve got to know more of our customers by name.”

Beginning of end of wallet

Tom Cheesewright, applied futurist for Book of The Future, commented: “Amid many moves to popularise mobile payments, the arrival of PayPal in over 2,000 High Street stores stands to be the biggest boost to date. 

“The PayPal name is already familiar and trusted. People don't need to add a new app or account, or move money around in order to take advantage. This lack of friction combined with the big name brands adopting the technology should accelerate the understanding, and ultimately the use of mobile payments on the UK high street.”
Rob Harper, head of retail services at PayPal UK, added: “PayPal has built the biggest network of high street stores and restaurants that let their customers pay with the one thing they always take with them: their smartphone. It’s the beginning of the end for the wallet on the High Street.”

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