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TM Lewin captures multichannel reviews

By Retail Technology | Wednesday April 23 2014

British Jermyn Street shirtmaker is using a single platform for customer reviews to boost SEO performance and provide improved customer service

TM Lewin is partnering with Feefo for a feedback management system suitable for online, a mobile device or instore. The business wear retailer has been using Feefo Places to receive and display verified online and instore feedback in one place.

Before using Feefo Places, TM Lewin did not have a single platform to host customer reviews from one source for all channels. It was using multiple feedback providers across various channels (store, online, mobile) and technologies included Javascript, which can impact any possible search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits. 

Lack of multichannel technology

Using multiple providers led to inconsistent methodologies and caused inconsistent after sales customer experiences by channel, which also prevented TM Lewin providing customers visibility of feedback from all channels. 

Not all feedback providers asked the same questions at the same time, rendering TM Lewin unable to collectively use insight to drive meaningful action for product improvements. Multiple providers also made it difficult for the retailer to be able to ensure reviews were verified and traceable to an individual transaction. 

Following the development and addition of Feefo Places functionality to off and online channels in 2013, TM Lewin can now access and action consistent, verified customer feedback from all sales channels with a single platform. And it can be assured that every single review can be traced by to an individual transaction whether via mobile, online or instore.

Empowering customer feedback

The technology has given TM Lewin customers unprecedented access to reviews that are representative of experiences that span all of the retailer’s sales channels, empowering them to make an informed purchase decision. 

The development also ensured that the customer insight being gathered via Feefo represented TM Lewin’s entire customer base and channel mix, allowing trends to be identified and actioned more effectively. 

Feefo receives data from all of TM Lewin’s online sales transactions. Customers are sent an email feedback request with a ‘smart link’ to a review portal. This leads customers to a product satisfaction question, which after completion is displayed on Feefo as an unedited review, as well as on TM Lewin’s website. 

Feedback is integrated via XML, where the Feefo application programming interface (API) also feeds into TM Lewin’s other operational systems including Micros and Magento. Data is then sent to Google for generating ‘Seller Ratings’ displayed in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Feefo Places uses the same process instore, accessed via unique codes on a point-of-sale receipt. 

Enhancing customer benefits

The instore code and email smart link take a verified user to the same review portal, which offers the TM Lewin customer the same aftersales feedback experience, using a single feedback provider – irrespective of the channel they purchased from. And customers also now have unprecedented access to product feedback representative of TM Lewin’s whole channel mix, which was absent before. 

John Mihill, TM Lewin operations manager, commented: “It has unified the customer experience for TM Lewin. Whether a customer chooses to purchase online or instore, we are still able to demonstrate that we care about their experience equally, and we provide a platform for them to let us know whether we met their expectations.

“Judging our use of Feefo, we can correlate high customer service with better customer retention, higher average sale value and increased footfall through our increased online promotion,” he added. “Being able to collate, analyse and publicly display our customer feedback through Feefo for all channels has been a big success for TM Lewin.

“Requesting customer feedback consistently across all channels provides TM Lewin with the ability to continue to engage with all our customers post sale. Traditionally this is a weakness of High Street retail in comparison to internet purchases, as it is more challenging to develop the same level of ongoing relationship, without relying on that customer to re-visit the store.” 

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