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Bodybuilding Warehouse outsources PPC

Bodybuilding Warehouse outsources PPC
Tuesday August 5 2014

The sports supplement retailer has seen a 143% increase in converted clicks and a 38% reduction in average cost per click on its website

Sports nutrition supplier Bodybuilding Warehouse has achieved an increase in click through rates and conversions in the last six months by outsourcing the management of its pay per click (PPC) ads, leading to an uplift in sales.

Working with e-commerce and digital marketing agency Space 48 since February 2014, the online retailer recently announced that its outsourced PPC strategy has an delivered 11% increase in click-throughs from its website.

Targeted PPC

"Since outsourcing our PPC to eCommerce agency Space 48, Bodybuilding Warehouse has seen a large uplift in sales across a range of our sports nutrition products,” said Kieran Fisher, managing director of Bodybuilding Warehouse.

“We work use their digital marketing expertise to ensure our PPC ads are really targeted and are attracting the right customers to our website who convert into sales. The team at Space 48 can manage the complete life cycle of our PPC campaigns including the set up, management and optimisation strategy. 

He concluded: “Achieving over a 100% increase in converted clicks is a huge success rate and is supporting our growth strategy of hitting £1 million sales a month and assisting us in our ambitions to grow into new markets including Ireland, France and Germany."

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