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Study: Ad retargeting success for Home Leisure Direct

By Retail Technology | Friday September 12 2014

The supplier of games room equipment is reaping the benefits of digital advertising

Pool tables and games room equipment supplier Home Leisure Direct was frustrated with the lack of tangible results gained from traditional print advertising and keen to build a stronger online presence and drive more visitors to its website.


Home Leisure Direct was looking for an online advertising solution to boost brand awareness and ROI while simultaneously providing a high level of exposure on popular websites used daily by their target audience. 

The company wanted to capitalise on the steady uplift in business that they had been experiencing and implement a strategic digital marketing campaign to drive overall sales.


Home Leisure Direct partnered with AdRoll to serve website visitors with retargeted ads across popular websites such as Facebook, eBay and MailOnline. 

These ads drove visitors back to the Home Leisure Direct website where customers could continue browsing or make a purchase. As customers are likely to carefully consider and research games room equipment products before purchase, AdRoll’s retargeting platform enables Home Leisure Direct to serve relevant product ads and encourage prospective customers to buy on-site or pick up the phone and make an enquiry.

Uplift in Sales 

Just a few months into the campaign, Home Leisure Direct saw a significant increase in website traffic and a 41.5% uplift in sales compared to previous year. As ads continued to be placed on popular websites, the company saw uplift in phone and email enquiries from prospective customers. 

Direct enquiries of this sort give the company the opportunity to provide further product information and sell directly to their customer base. Using the AdRoll data analytics dashboard, Home Leisure Direct has been able to track the performance of its ads, allowing them to better understand their customer base and formulate future marketing strategies accordingly.

“You don’t have to be an expert to use AdRoll’s analytics tools – the data is provided for you in one place in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive and transparent manner,” explained Andy Beresford, MD of Home Leisure Direct. “Thanks to AdRoll’s innovative technology, we were able to run ads on popular high-traffic sites, allowing us to increase brand visibility, conversion rates and sales”.