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Domino’s brings drone delivery to Europe

By Retail Technology | Monday April 3 2017

Domino’s pizza is to bring automated robotic delivery to European cities

Starship Technologies is launching the pilot programme with Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. The project is being run under the framework of DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), an initiative using robot and drone technologies for delivery.
Starship robots will start delivering pizzas within a 1 mile radius around Domino’s stores in selected German and Dutch cities.
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises is the largest franchisee of the Domino’s Pizza brand in the world, completing hundreds of thousands of deliveries every day from more than 2000 stores across the Company’s seven markets. 
Don Meij, Domino’s Group CEO and managing director, said the partnership between the company  and Starship Technologies was an important next step in bringing robot pizza. 

He explained: “Robotic delivery units will complement our existing delivery methods, including cars, scooters and e-bikes, ensuring our customers can get the hottest, freshest-made pizza delivered directly to them, wherever they are.
“With our growth plans over the next five to 10 years, we simply won’t have enough delivery drivers if we do not look to add to our fleet through initiatives such as this.”

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