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Wolseley selects space planning software

By Retail Technology | Tuesday May 9 2017

Plumbing and building materials supplier Wolseley has chosen new planning software as part of its strategy to improve customer service and efficiencies

RELEX’s Space Planning solution is expected to create customer-focused planograms that can be easily understood at the store level, including changes from the previous planogram, and can be efficiently implemented.

The RELEX micro-space planning solution will support better collaboration between Wolseley and its branch partners and help achieve more accurate merchandising across its 800 UK branches.

It will replace the company’s existing manual spreadsheet-driven approach, which was time consuming and produced an output that proved challenging for branches to interpret. 

Ben Hills, category director at Wolseley UK, said: “The selection of the RELEX solution is an integral part of our wider programme of transforming the way we serve our customers. The micro-space planning technology will help us increase our understanding of category and product performance, and improve collaboration between the head office and our branch partners. Ultimately, it will increase our merchandising efficiency to be able to better tailor our customer experience.”

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