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Personal success for Calendar Club

By Retail Technology | Thursday June 29 2017

Calendar retailer Calendar Club UK has seen an 8% increase in conversion rate during peak trading on its online shop with new personalisation software

The high street and shopping centre calendar retailer saw the rise between October and December 2016, and is working with ATTRAQT, the online merchandising company to enhance customer experience and tailor visits.

Calendar Club UK is the biggest retailer of its kind in Europe, offering over 4,500 different products to a diverse demographic. It sells seasonally across the UK from September to January each year, while is continually live.

"Providing an intuitive and personalised service for every customer presents a significant challenge with a product set and marketplace as broad as ours," said Glenn McWhinney, online marketing manager for Calendar Club UK. "Our user experience is now delivering
exactly what customers want - simultaneously ensuring that smartphone customers have a streamlined mobile experience while desktop buyers' browsing and purchasing paths are straightforward. The technology is working in harmony with individuals' behaviour to inspire them to buy."

Overall, ATTRAQT's technology has helped the retailer see a 15% uplift in online revenue over the last two years.

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