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MediaMarkt upgrades delivery

By Retail Technology | Friday October 27 2017

Consumer electronics retailer MediaMarkt is implementing new delivery technology to enhance its service to European customers

The retailer has chosen to implement MetaPack Options to offer customers more targeted and personalised delivery options at the point of purchase including guaranteed delivery dates that suit their needs.

Benefits of the new solution are expected to include better conversion rates, reduced basket abandonment and increased brand loyalty.

“The eCommerce market for consumer electronics has never been more competitive,” said Eric Schoenmakers, director of ecommerce at MediaMarkt. “As such, it’s imperative that we’re able to offer our users the best possible experience from the first touch on our website all the way through to delivery in the hands of our customers.”


The implementation of MetaPack Options will enable MediaMarkt to quickly, and from a single point of integration, add delivery options – including home delivery, click & collect and pick-up & drop-off networks - on each product page and again at the checkout.

MetaPack Options provides access to over 400 carriers, and more than 4,000 services, allowing MediaMarkt to control and define its delivery options in line with business rules and operational requirements. 

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