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House of Fraser enhances analytics

House of Fraser enhances analytics
Tuesday October 31 2017

UK department store House of Fraser is looking to accelerate decision-making and improve in-store experience with new analytics software

The retailer will be using the full functionality of MicroStrategy 10 to empower its employees with user-friendly, interactive dashboards to make quick data-driven business decisions.

Prior to 2017, House of Fraser's analytics was restricted to large volumes of grid reports that were often printed and physically brought to meetings. 

In addition to the sizable printing costs, this approach frequently resulted in wasted time and conflicting data.

Furthermore, the business intelligence (BI) team would spend considerable time validating data and gathering business requirements in order to build a single dashboard.


As part of House of Fraser's business transformation strategy, the retailer chose to streamline its analytics environment and make greater use of visualisations in order to provide users with actionable insights. 

House of Fraser introduced nGenBI, its analytics initiative, and rolled out the first in a series of interactive dashboards on MicroStrategy 10 aimed at transforming the way employees interact with and consume data.

The BI team has subsequently rolled out pixel-perfect documents, self-service data discovery, advanced analytics, mobile reporting, and MicroStrategy Office(tm) to its user community.

Julian Burnett, CIO and executive director, House of Fraser said: "MicroStrategy has enabled us to achieve a much clearer picture of the entire business and an understanding, for example, of the dynamics between people and space. By visualising data from IoT and other sources, we can optimise these dimensions, improve the customer journey and ultimately drive growth."

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