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Harvey Nichols selects new analytics platform

Harvey Nichols selects new analytics platform
Thursday November 2 2017

Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols is looking to transform its customers’ journey with a new user experience analytics platform

The company has chosen ContentSquare’s platform to optimise web pages, visitor journeys and promotional collateral.

It will allow Harvey Nichols to understand exactly how and why visitors are behaving in certain ways across the site, surfacing data that will point its teams to where they should focus in order to improve in-page behaviour.

The platform’s technology uses a combination of behavioural data (including UX analytics KPIs), artificial intelligence and session replay aggregation to build a complete and accessible picture of online visitor behaviour. 

Teams throughout the Harvey Nichols organisation, including user experience, visual merchandising, product marketing and trading teams, will use ContentSquare technology to make better, more informed decisions.


For example, they’ll now be able to understand the critical paths to purchase during sales periods, optimise the product placement on listing pages and analyse user journeys by acquisition channel. 

Pamela Reynolds, head of online at Harvey Nichols, said: “Prior to ContentSquare we had a limited picture of what was happening across our site or why visitors behaved in a particular way. ContentSquare’s ability to allow our teams to surface actionable insight at speed and at scale is unrivalled and will help us transform the digital experience we provide to our visitors.”

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