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Video tech boosts World Duty Free

By Retail Technology | Thursday January 4 2018

Airport duty free retailer World Duty Free has seen a major 40-50% sales rise after implementing new video technology

The retailer is using SFD Systems’ video ESLs in the beauty hall at the new Gatwick North store to create retail theatre, capture customers’ attention and drive sales of fragrances.  

The full colour, high-resolution screens are playing synchronised videos across a three-sided gondola as well as displaying digital pricing and promotional information.

SFD Systems’ advanced digital shelf edge solution uses high-resolution video-capable LCD screens and enables retailers and brands to play adverts at the shelf edge as well as remotely update prices and information.  


Its core benefits include operational efficiencies and improved pricing accuracy, but most importantly it helps create in-store theatre: Retailers and brands can now capture customers’ attention and engage with them at the shelf edge to drive up sales.

Debbie Ansell, head of beauty at World Duty Free, said: ‘Our new Gatwick North store is designed to deliver an outstanding customer experience, and SFD’s digital shelf edge platform really helps with that.  The screens and digital animations are doing a great job of catching customers’ attention and drawing them into the beauty hall.  Brands displayed on the video-ESLs are enjoying a sales uplift of 40-50% compared to others in the same promotion.’

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