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Europe’s first cashier-less store

By Retail Technology | Monday March 12 2018

MediaMarktSaturn has launched Europe’s first cashier-less store in Innsbruck, Austria

The Saturn Express store at the Sillpark shopping centre has been opened in partnership with MishiPay’s ‘Scan, Pay, Leave’ smartphone app.

Using MishiPay technology, the store promises customers an immersive shopping experience that’s simpler, faster and more convenient.

Customers will no longer have to queue at the checkout but can pick up a product they want, scan and pay using their mobile device and simply leave with their items. 

This is all made possible by the Saturn Express app, which is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

The ‘Scan,Pay, Leave platform is also available as a web app which does not require an install and works straight from a browser. 

Payment process

Within the app, the payment process instantly deactivates the anti-shoplifting system for the product concerned. The store will also have staff on hand to help shoppers and answer questions about products, services and smartphone-based payment.

Saturn Express is led by Saturn Austria and MishiPay was selected for this one-of-a-kind pilot project as part of the Retailtech Hub initiative (an accelerator programme by MediaMarktSaturn and Plug and Play Tech Center, Silicon Valley) to be the store’s only mode of in-store purchase and payment.

This compact pop-up store at Sillpark offers shoppers a wide range of products from audio devices such as speakers, headphones and earphones to games and innovative accessories all of which are RFID tagged. 

A unique aspect of MishiPay’s technology is that it allows a seamless self-checkout experience while ensuring security against theft with RFID and other means. 

Martin Wild, chief innovation officer of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, said: “MediaMarktSaturn sees itself as partner, navigator and daily companion for consumers in the digital world. Therefore, we provide seamless customer experience across all channels. Our cashier-less store with MishiPay is a highly-relevant pilot project. And it’s one of the first projects resulting from our innovation platform Retailtech Hub.”

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