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Whittard brews up new start online

By Retail Technology | Thursday March 22 2018

Luxury tea and coffee retailer Whittard of Chelsea is relaunching its online store as part of a wider omnichannel retail strategy

Whittard has selected ecommerce systems integrator Tryzens to transform its online store and re-platform as the retailer looks to move firmly into the digital age.

The project will lead with high impact, personalised content, all designed mobile first to immerse the consumer in the brand, but also not lose sight of the basics such as site speed and customer flow. Whittard also sees opportunities to improve customer loyalty with subscription and gifting based services which will feed well into the enhanced site.

Mark Dunhill, CEO at Whittard of Chelsea, said: “Whittard is a destination for visitors to discover and experience highly specialist hot drinks with a rich history. We recognise our customers expect a seamless experience across multiple channels in this day and age, and we want to create an opportunity for consumers to delve deeper into the brand.”

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