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CASE STUDY: Buyagift seeing clear benefits with new software

CASE STUDY: Buyagift seeing clear benefits with new software
Monday April 16 2018

Gifts retailer Buyagift is now benefitting from having one clear view of its company performance across all channels due to implementing new software

Buyagift wanted a single view of performance across channels with a more intelligent means to properly credit each touch point to conversion. 


By deploying a container tag (Marin Tracker) across the Buyagift website, they were able to add an event parameter that stores a unique order ID when a conversion occurs. In turn, this allows Buyagift to track deduped conversion events across channels. 

Marin TruePath utilises the Facebook impressions API to match the order ID to an actual person so Buyagift can see all the clicks and impressions that occurred prior to conversion. The retailer is then able to use a linear attribution model to equally credit both channels’ role in the process. 


Not only has the conversion data been 100% accurate but Buyagift has seen their return on Investment (ROI) increase threefold.

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