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By Retail Technology | Monday April 16 2018

Discount family retailer is set for further online and offline growth with new infrastructure

Following the successful transition to a new infrastructure with the help of IT consultancy eSpida, the company was able to move to a new head office and automate its warehouse operations to improve distribution to its network  of over 400 physical stores and ecommerce business. 

The move was managed using a phased transition, which involved all-round upgrades to virtual servers, storage and security, which has subsequently resulted in a 60% improvement in productivity. 

"Since the project was delivered by eSpida at the start of 2017, we've 
seen some drastic improvements to our business," explains Tom Scott, IT director at

Stock management 

The retailer’s ecommerce business is now handling 30% more transactions like-for-like compared to the previous year while the crucial upgrades to IT infrastructure have also improved its capacity and ability to deliver fast, accurate distribution and stock management to its network of 440 physical stores, up from 280 stores three years ago. 

Scott added: "We are now 60% more productive with the same sized team. Where our infrastructure team was previously spending 80% of its time on support activities and only 20% on new business development, we’ve been able to flip this so that 80% is now spent on new development projects.”

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