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MyOptique sees bright future with new platform

By Retail Technology | Wednesday May 9 2018

MyOptique Group – whose brands include Glasses Direct and Sunglasses Shop – has seen significant success with a new real-time personalisation platform

It’s using the Fresh Relevance platform for email, mobile and web and incorporating personalised real-time content such as product recommendations on its website and in triggered and campaign emails.

Glasses Direct now attributes 1.2% of online revenue to web recommendations while cart and browse abandonment campaigns have already led Glasses Direct to recover revenue that equates to 4.2% of total sales, Sunglasses Shop 2% and Eyewearbrands 4.3%. 

Social proof

MyOptique is also harnessing the power of social proof through the inclusion of user-generated content pulled from Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest in emails and displays, on the product detail page, how many people have looked at or purchased the item that day. 

The social proof feature has already had over 5.7 million impressions since implementing. 

"We were reviewing several options but only Fresh Relevance with its real-time personalisation platform for email, mobile and web, was able to meet all our requirements," said Benedetto Ferretti, senior CRM database executive, at MyOptique Group.

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