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Kaufland transforms with self-checkout

By Retail Technology | Friday May 18 2018

As part of its ongoing store transformation, German hypermarket chain Kaufland is incorporating new self-checkout technology

The retailer has embarked on the store transformation journey to help improve the in-store shopping experience, reduce waiting times and increase customer loyalty while at the same time creating more value for customers with smaller baskets. 

In the latest stage of the upgrade, Kaufland has equipped about 160 stores with the NCR self-checkout solution, with plans to expand across more stores throughout the next few years. 

Kaufland is the first grocer in Germany to embrace a comprehensive self-checkout strategy. NCR supported Kaufland's self-checkout deployments with comprehensive consulting services as well as detailed location and process analysis in every store. 

Customer transactions 

Based on analysis, NCR and Kaufland developed an individual self-checkout concept and matching checkout zone design for each store that helps to convert simple customer transactions to interactions that matter. 

Sven Homes, head of IT at Kaufland said: "Shoppers can scan and pay at their own pace, and we see a reduction in queues and waiting times, most notably with small and medium sized 

Kaufland operates about 1,270 grocery stores in Europe, 660 of which are in Germany, where it's headquartered. 

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