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Sneeboer spreads roots with payments software

By Retail Technology | Friday June 8 2018

Gardening tools manufacturer and online supplier Sneeboer has gone global with new international payments software

The company now sells its hand-forged gardening equipment in 179 countries, utilising Ingenico payments software. 

International customers are able to pay with the method of their choosing and invoicing them in their own currency has led to an increase in customers and a limit on price fluctuation.

Easy integration 

In addition, Ingenico's solution is easy to integrate with Lightspeed, the ecommerce software Sneeboer uses for the web shop. 

Wilma Peelen, owner of Sneeboer, said: "For Sneeboer, Ingenico is more than just a Payment Service Provider. For questions related to payment methods or when the possibility for expansion into a new country is explored, I can always contact Ingenico for advice. Ingenico informs us about the preferred payment methods in a given country, and thinks with us the moment we want to expand further. They always know immediately what it is about and advise us accordingly." 

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