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Office Depot upgrades data analytics

Office Depot upgrades data analytics
Monday June 25 2018

Office supplies retailer Office Depot is looking to boost analytics and drive its multi-channel customer engagement strategy with new cloud software

The retailer is using Talend Cloud to ingest data from its vast collection of operational systems, displacing siloed information repositories with a centralised enterprise data hub. 

Talend Data Integration and Data Quality capabilities enable Office Depot to improve ecommerce efficiency, while providing a better customer experience using predictive analytics in a more cost-effective and agile way.

Traditionally, Office Depot’s European sales were primarily sourced through an offline, mail order catalogue model driven by telemarketing activities. The company has since moved to a hybrid retail model, combining offline and online shopping, which required a data consolidation strategy that optimised the different channels and created a 360-degree customer view. 

Market dynamics 

Additionally, the company’s myriad backend systems and disparate supply chain data collected from across Europe had become difficult to analyse. 

Using Talend Cloud, Office Depot gained greater confidence in the quality of its enterprise data, enabling faster responses to rapidly changing market dynamics.

Matt Steell, director of information & architecture at Office Depot, said: “Talend we can ensure qualified, accurate information is delivered at the right time, empowering everyone from senior managers to business analysts to make better business decisions.”

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