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Toolstation builds up omnichannel

By Retail Technology | Monday September 17 2018

Tool retailer Toolstation has enhanced its omnichannel offering with personalised direct mail

The company has expanded its partnership with Emarsys which will see it now use the Emarsys Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled platform to support its direct mail, email, and SMS marketing strategy.

This will unify its online and offline customer databases onto one platform to deliver a seamless and personalised cross-channel customer experience.

Toolstation customers can now buy online, through a dedicated UK call centre, via a mobile website or at over 300 branches across the UK. 

Deeper understanding 

"With all our customer data now in one place, we have a deeper understanding of the level of engagement we're achieving across various channels, and the different types of campaigns our customers like to see," said Greg Richardson, head of marketing at Toolstation. “Consolidating our data into one platform was always going to be a huge priority for us in a post-GDPR world, and Emarsys - a trusted Toolstation partner for many years - will enable us to be responsible custodians of all the information we hold." 

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