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Monsoon customers stick with shoppable social

Monsoon customers stick with shoppable social
Tuesday October 23 2018

Fashion retailer Monsoon has increased the amount of time its customers spend online with the use of shoppable social technology

It has reported a 29% rise in the time customers spend browsing when interacting with Curalate’s Showroom function, compared to those going straight to the website.
Monsoon is in the process of testing the technology which turns any image or video into a virtual pop up shop, enabling consumers to discover and purchase a range of recommended products from any social post.

Monsoon is using marketing technology company Curalate’s Fanreel function too, where customer images shared on social channels are curated in the #MyMonsoon gallery on the retailer’s home page.

Bounce rates 

When customers are reaching Monsoon’s website via a Showroom post as opposed to organic web traffic, the company is seeing an 18% reduction in bounce rates as people explore products beyond the landing page,” 

Robyn Molyneux, senior content and social media manager at Monsoon, added: “Shoppers post strong imagery, and we get a lot featuring childrenswear which is great as this is a big area of our business. Customers seeing others wearing their purchases is having a positive effect on our conversion rate and order value.”
Monsoon’s sister brand Accessorize is also using Curalate’s social commerce technology.


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