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Nestlé adopts Facebook platform

By Retail Technology | Thursday January 3 2019

Food and drinks brand Nestlé is using Workplace by Facebook as it’s new global internal communication tool

The company has pledged to move quicker to turn good ideas into great products to meet fast-changing consumer demand as a result of using the platform. 

With the majority of its employees active on the platform, Workplace is already making a difference including higher engagement and quicker responses. In addition, people are experimenting and collaborating more, as well as sharing information and ideas.
Workplace offers familiar Facebook features such as News Feed, Groups, Chat, events and live streams, as well as seamless mobile integration.  

The first wave of market adoption including Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East and South Africa saw 25 times higher engagement per post and very high rate of use on mobile devices.

Best practice 

Among other advantages, managers can use Live video to connect directly with employees at different locations. Sales teams can also use Workplace for daily check-ins and to share information and best practice.
Nestlé EVP Chris Johnson said: “Nestlé is a people-first environment. We really rely on our talented teams to manage more than 2,000 Nestlé brands worldwide. We help our employees develop and we give them the right tools, so Workplace is a perfect fit.”
The move to Workplace is part of Nestlé’s commitment to empower people and sustain a high-performance culture. The company is moving more and more to offer open office configurations and more flexible working environments.

Filippo Catalano, CIO at Nestlé, added: “Today, using Workplace by Facebook we are able to give our employees across the globe a platform to build connections, enabling faster and more engaging sharing of information.”
While a large majority of users has now joined the Workplace platform, the rollout will continue throughout 2019.