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Whirlpool and Nisbets turn to cloud software provider

By Retail Technology | Friday March 8 2019

Home appliance brand Whirlpool and multi-channel retailer and catering equipment supplier Nisbets have both turned to the same cloud software provider for improved performance

Both companies have selected Virtualstock’s The Edge platform to help improve customer experience and efficiencies. 

Nisbets will utilise The Edge platform to help scale its business, improve the customer experience and drive efficiencies across the organisation. 
The Edge’s automated order management capability will enable Nisbets to expand its online product range through its extended range operation, which avoids the need to hold any inventory in stock. 

The Edge also provides real time visibility of dropship orders ensuring a consistent online customer experience.

By enabling Nisbets to scale up its dropship operations to meet customer demand for extended product ranges online, Virtualstock will be a key strategic partner as the company embarks on its expansion plans. 

Centralised view

Whirlpool UK will also be using The Edge’s automated Product Induction capabilities to create, share and manage product data across its vast retailer eco system. 

By providing a single, centralised view of all product data, The Edge removes reliance on manually intensive processes. 

This helps drive product management efficiencies that will enable Whirlpool UK to reach more retailers, with more accurate product data, more quickly: thereby helping to drive their sales growth. 

Carolyne Turnbull, head of retail, at Virtualstock said: “We are delighted to be deploying our solution to two leading multinational retailers and manufacturers to enable them to compete more effectively online and focus on delivering a world class customer experience.