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Fowlers of Bristol revs up with new tech

By Retail Technology | Tuesday August 20 2019

Motorcycle and accessories retailer Fowlers of Bristol has selected a new tech partner to enhance its retail management systems

Eurostop will be providing accurate management of its comprehensive range of stock, customer-facing till points, and will integrate with Fowlers’ website, accounting packages and warehouse.  

It will also be supplying its MyShoppr® consumer instore app, which merges digital with the instore shopping experience.

Fowlers said it selected Eurostop for its connected approach to instore technology, the ability to handle millions of SKUs, with live stock updates across all channels, its advanced but quick reporting, and integration capabilities.  

In addition, Eurostop’s POS system will enable enhanced customer service at till point, with e-pos touch providing a touch-screen solution that requires minimal training for staff.

Omnichannel experience 

Fowlers has a significant online presence, which will be enhanced in the brick and mortar store by Eurostop’s MyShoppr® app, which provides a virtual, on-demand personal store assistant. 

Customers will be able to access the app using their smartphones, check stock availability and get detailed product information by scanning product barcodes. The customer has the choice to purchase online and arrange delivery or complete the purchase in store, thus providing the ultimate in omnichannel customer experience.

Sam Fowler, web store manager at Fowlers, said: “What really makes Eurostop stand out is their high functionality, stock management capabilities and extensive reporting system; all of which are essential to aid our motorcycle retail business”.                     

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