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Decathlon implements platform for expansion

Decathlon implements platform for expansion
Wednesday September 4 2019

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is using a new platform to deliver connected customer experiences and broaden its reach to new regional markets

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is now enabling the retailer to build a foundation of reusable APIs, making it easier than ever to plug in new services and drive seamless customer experiences at scale — both online and in stores. 

The platform is also playing an important role in Decathlon’s expanding business by enabling the company to build an application network. 

By using APIs to connect systems and processes — such as point of sale software, order management, and inventory data — in an application network, the company can easily access and reuse applications and data to scale globally. 

Customer experiences 
Beginning in the United States and extending to other locations around the world, the company is leveraging its growing number of reusable APIs to iterate on brand new customer experiences.
Tony Leon, CIO and CTO of Decathlon USA, said:  “Anypoint Platform’s combination of API and integration capabilities lets us reimagine and deliver new in-store experiences almost instantly.”  
 “With Anypoint Platform, we are turning our most valuable technology assets into reusable building blocks, accessible through a repository of secure APIs. Developer teams across the entire business can access and reconfigure these building blocks, unlocking endless potential for innovation and expansion.”

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