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Dr. Martens increases digital sales by 67%

Dr. Martens increases digital sales by 67%
Monday September 16 2019

Iconic footwear brand Dr. Martens has increased digital sales by 67% with a new analytics platform

The company is utilising Contentsquare’s experience analytics platform to easily access unique insights and recommendations, to allow the brand to create superior digital experiences that will offer it a measurable competitive advantage moving forward.

Dr. Martens reported a 67% year-on-year growth in global digital revenue for FY19 due to the new data led approach and localisation of strategies across Europe, Americas, and Asia. 

“As a business, we have a big strategic commitment to increase our digital sales,” said Sebastian Kaeppner, head of EMEA ecommerce at Dr. Martens. “Contentsquare has contributed to our ability to prioritise both our development initiatives, as well as allocate resources accordingly. We now know the areas of our digital sites to focus on to make the biggest impact in increasing digital sales.”

Analytics experience 

From the US to Korea and Japan, Dr. Martens is now training its global digital arm to use Contentsquare, which will be a significant increase in Dr. Martens’ members that can make use of the experience analytics platform.

Prior to Contentsquare’s implementation, Dr. Martens’ had been using Google Analytics (GA) as its only analytics tool.

Global UX design manager Christopher Tatlock, explained: “It was difficult to implement many changes as we only have a small team and you needed specific Google Analytics training to utilise fully. GA is technical but Contentsquare has transformed the way our UX designers and content teams are able to quickly and easily assess the performance of their own designs and content themselves.”


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