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MediaMarktSaturn wins with smarter shipping

MediaMarktSaturn wins with smarter shipping
Thursday September 19 2019

Electronics retailer MediaMarktSaturn has boosted loyalty, increased repeat purchases and reduced its call centre workload with new smarter shipping

Working with parcelLab, Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer has developed a personalised communication channel with customers during the shipping process. 

This involves sending out branded emails to buyers not only informing them of the status of their order in a warm, friendly, on-brand way, but also providing discount vouchers and complementary product suggestions to inspire additional purchasing. 

This entire process is automated by parcelLab, requiring minimal time and effort on the retailer’s behalf. 

Shipment data

MediaMarktSaturn transmits their shipment data to parcelLab in accordance with EU privacy legislation and all relevant information is then automatically detected. 

The solution then validates the shipment data, combines it with the shipping information of the logistics partner and then automatically sends on-brand shipping messages directly to the customer.

The new shipping process has created an extra 3.53 million customer touchpoints for MediaMarktSaturn, with shipping email opening rates standing at 71%. 

The retailer is already seeing the benefits through increased revenue and fewer calls to its call centre, saving time and effort.

MediaMarktSaturn’s chief digital officer, Marius Luckemeyer, said: “Together with parcelLab, we have created an additional communication and marketing channel that is very well received by our customers. In a nutshell, our customers now remain our customers.”

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