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El Corte Inglés powers up digital transformation

El Corte Inglés powers up digital transformation
Monday September 23 2019

Spanish department store El Corte Inglés is putting in place the solutions to help accelerate its digital transformation process

It is now working with Alibaba Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-driven retail solutions to help them reach their digital goals.


Madrid-headquartered El Corte Inglés has been proactive in its adoption of new concepts and services that meet the evolving needs of its customers. 


This strategy has ensured it remains competitive against an increasingly challenging retail environment, and today Alibaba Cloud’s broad portfolio of sophisticated data-driven technologies for retail, is helping to support business innovation while improving the online shopping experience for its customers.


Customer experience 


Alibaba Cloud’s Image Search and Recommendation Engine will be piloted by El Corte Inglés to further personalise the customer experience online, by offering an effective yet creative technology solution powered by AI.


El Corte Inglés customers are set to benefit from precise search, which would enable shoppers to search more accurately for items using an image, rather than by typing a vague keyword into the search box. 


The second customer experience that has been improved is customised discovery, where shoppers will now benefit from seeing personalised recommendations based on their interests or needs.


Víctor del Pozo, CEO of El Corte Inglés, said: “Alibaba Cloud offers some of the most advanced cloud-based technologies and solutions for retail, and we’re very excited to be working with the global leader on the next stage of our digital transformation.”



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