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Sainsbury’s gains new insights

Sainsbury’s gains new insights
Thursday October 3 2019

Sainsbury’s is using new technology to provide insights on what its customers want and the trends driving their eating habits

The supermarket chain’s Commercial and Technology teams, in partnership with Accenture, are building cutting-edge machine learning solutions on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Sainsbury’s solution relies on data from multiple structured and unstructured sources. 


Using Google Cloud’s powerful cloud-based analytics tools to ingest, clean and classify that data, and a custom-built front-end interface for internal users to seamlessly navigate through a variety of filters and categories, Sainsbury’s is able to gain advanced insights in real time.


Better experience 


As a result, Sainsbury’s has been able to develop predictive analytics models to spot trends and adjust inventory, providing shoppers with a better experience. 


Phil Jordan, Group CIO of Sainsbury’s believes this project will have a big impact. “With the help of Google Cloud Platform, we are generating new insights into how the world eats and lives, to help us stay ahead of market trends and provide an even better shopping experience for our customers.” 



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