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L’Oreal using AI and data to innovate

L’Oreal using AI and data to innovate
Wednesday October 30 2019

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal is using data and AI to empower its Research & Innovation (R&I) teams

It’s partnering with Talend to use its variety of scientific, IoT, and marketing data, to power cutting-edge analysis and new product innovation. 


L'Oréal's R&I division deploys its teams around the world to imagine and create innovative products. 


To bring new products to market, R&I must be able to compile all data related to the characterisation and physicochemical definition of formulas and raw materials, and the perceived performance of products by consumers in real conditions and in real-time. 


To have a more accurate view of formulas and product perception, L'Oréal wanted to capitalise and centralise all research data of various natures and formats. 


Data lake 


This need to integrate multiple data sources led to the selection of Talend and the implementation of a new data lake in a private IaaS on Microsoft Azure.


By deploying Talend Data Fabric, L'Oréal is able to connect all types of databases, structured laboratory data, and very heterogeneous and sometimes raw data sources, such as robotic measurement or images data. 


Talend's solution allows L'Oréal to incorporate intelligent algorithms directly into data integration flows in the form of APIs. 


The data lake enables the R&I to consolidate and prepare data to facilitate researchers' analyses and help them base their conclusions on reliable, high-quality data.





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