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Homebase simplifies with new platform

Homebase simplifies with new platform
Monday November 4 2019

Home improvement retailer Homebase is looking to simplify customer ordering, product inventory and supplier management with a new platform

Homebase has chosen Neptune’s DX Platform as part of a turnaround programme designed to streamline its operations, save costs and allow teams to focus on providing the best customer service. 


Homebase saw the benefits of empowering their team members with Mobile Apps with the creation of a new ‘product look-up’ App that allowed the store team to search for items via a mobile device. 


With the adoption of a low-code platform and agile development processes through Neptune’s DX Platform, further developments of the App will include functionality to reserve and order the item quickly and in real-time, as well as simplifying how customers order kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, both instore and online. 


Product availability 


Key to the initiative is joining up information from supply chain and supplier systems to make it simple for the customer to know if the product is available, how quickly it can be delivered and precisely when their purchase is due to arrive. 


Paul Cannon, director of IT, Homebase, said: "We want to empower our teams with the right, cutting edge technology which allows them to deliver the best possible customer service. Gone are the days of complex integration projects that take years to complete. Now we build a new experience, roll it out to a single store, and if it works it can be live across the business in weeks."


The Neptune DX Platform is a modern low-code, API driven platform that supports the entire app development lifecycle and enables teams to easily design, develop, integrate and manage enterprise-grade applications and APIs in a fraction of the time taken using traditional coding techniques.




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