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The Couture Club launches mobile app

The Couture Club launches mobile app
Wednesday November 6 2019

Fashion retailer The Couture Club has launched a new app and purchases through it have already surpassed those made on the company website

The company, which started out as a bedroom brand in Manchester in 2015, launched the app on November 7.


The Couture Club co-founder Scott Shashua said: "The launch of our app has been six months in the making and was an essential move for our business for a number of reasons.


"We feel it's important to continue to stand out and elevate ourselves from the other independent brands that started out like us and used Instagram to grow.”


Step up 


The company said creating a fast, easy-to-use app was the next step up from having a successful mobile site.


"A higher percentage of our customers buy from our mobile site as opposed to a desktop website anyway," added co-founder Ross Worswick. 


"And people are used to using apps when they buy from major brands, so this will help us to compete in the way we want to with those brands.



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