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Space NK upgrades online payments

Space NK upgrades online payments
Tuesday November 19 2019

Space NK London Apothecary has partnered with a new payments platform for ecommerce payments

Space NK made the strategic decision to change its payment provider to Adyen to enhance the luxury customer experience it provides, and launch faster into new regions. 


A diverse range of payment solutions and a deep understanding of local markets was crucial to Space NK when choosing a payment partner. 


Using Adyen’s singular platform, Space NK will provide visibility of transactions across regions to better understand trends and optimise the approach in each market.


“While the UK and US, our biggest markets, have very similar payment methods, we receive significant orders from the APAC region where there are numerous payment options and preferences. Now, we are able to create localised payment sites to improve the customer experience for our Asian customers and offer their preferred payment methods,” said Andy Lightfoot, CEO UK & US at Space NK.


New markets 


Speed of deployment was a key consideration for Space NK as it looked to expand to new markets. They needed a provider that could offer local services quickly with minimal development time to become operational.


Space NK will also roll out Adyen’s RevenueProtect product as part of its commitment to best practice customer experience and fraud prevention. 


By using machine learning and a rule-based approach, RevenueProtect can identify the behaviours behind each transaction, allowing Space NK to better determine genuine shoppers and block fraudsters without adding unnecessary friction to the checkout.



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