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Industry West personalises for 8% revenue boost

Industry West personalises for 8% revenue boost
Wednesday November 20 2019

US home decor and furnishings retailer Industry West has scored an 8% revenue rise through personalised ecommerce

The retailer has been using AI-powered ecommerce personalisation from Nosto and has also seen a 15% increase in average order value since introducing AI-powered Onsite Content Personalisation for both desktop and mobile visitors. 


Nosto uses advanced AI machine learning algorithms and other statistical techniques to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant shopping experiences to its online visitors in real-time. 


Industry West is using Nosto’s ecommerce personalisation platform to display personalised product recommendations and to automatically customise onsite content to match the needs of individual visitors and visitor segments in real-time. 


As a result, 25% of online sales now come through Nosto’s personalised content. 


Audience segments


Using Nosto, the retailer is able to customise all onsite content — including banners, hero images, special offers and product recommendations — to different audience segments. 


No matter where a shopper is in their journey, they are automatically shown personalised content in real-time, either to display what is most relevant to them or to help them pick up where they left off.  


Ian Leslie, chief merchandising officer at Industry West, said: “Nosto has been an incredible time-saver and has expanded our customisation far beyond basic product recommendations. The platform itself is very user-friendly and provides helpful, granular insights on how the campaigns are performing.”

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