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Heineken expands digital supply chain partnership

By Retail Technology | Tuesday December 17 2019

Global brewer Heineken has extended its partnership with its digital supply chain tech partner

It has committed to extending its relationship with JDA to further geographical regions, which is already live in five operating countries (Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and France). 


With a strategy to shift from a Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) model to an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) model, Heineken is fundamentally upgrading the way it plans its business with JDA.


“We have some of the most complex and volatile markets in the world and have been working with JDA to make faster, more well-informed decisions, which directly impact everyone in the value chain” said Joost Luijbregts, Heineken senior director global customer service, logistics and planning. “With JDA, we have taken big steps forward - fundamentally changing the way we plan our business in terms of S&OP and scenario planning.”


Heineken embarked on its strategy to shift from an S&OP approach to an IBP approach, uniting sales, marketing, finance, supply chain and procurement together to make well-informed decisions, and plan and forecast for the future. 


Forecast accuracy


New scenario planning capabilities have allowed the business to make trade-offs on costs, margins and capacity. 


Since deploying this strategy across Europe, Heineken has seen an increase in forecast accuracy, reduction in stock-outs and improved inventory turns and productivity.


Moving forward, it will bring the integrated JDA solution to most of its larger global locations, signifying the largest cloud-based solution at The company. 


Going forward, Heineken has its sights set on harnessing the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with JDA, as it begins a pilot project using JDA Luminate Demand Edge.




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