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Longchamp continues IT overhaul with PoS rollout

Longchamp continues IT overhaul with PoS rollout
Wednesday January 29 2020

French luxury goods brand Longchamp has completed a rollout of new point-of-sale (PoS) software across its global 300-store estate

The business as teamed up with Cegid to boost sales and improve services throughout the expanding business.

This latest IT project - alongside integration to an ERP system and new ecommerce ventures - first started in France and then continued across Europe.

Following a 2018 upgrade to Cegid Retail’s Y2 software and recent deployment in Australia during 2019, all stores now have access to the same tools for better serving the needs of local customers and instant, accurate information on stocks and sales.

“Having the same software in all our markets – whether in the US, Asia or Europe – means we can more closely monitor what’s selling and where,” said André Louit, CFO at Longchamp. “Having the right tools in place and access to the same data means we’re better placed to observe trends and keep up with whatever the customer most wants in different parts of the world.”

New technologies

Armed with better reporting tools and having identified best-selling ranges and big spenders like the Chinese and Americans who flocked to stores in Europe, Longchamp has since opened around 20 stores in the US and 20 more in China, as well as launched new ecommerce sites dedicated to serving each country.

In the last year, the fashion accessories brand has been testing new technologies for adding popular services like ‘click-and-collect’ (for picking up web orders in stores) during 2020, not to mention other initiatives like ‘ship-from-store’ to serve the growing proportion of consumers who shop online.

Mobile devices are also being introduced into flagship stores so that staff can more easily serve customers using iPhones and the latest omni-channel technologies while on the shopfloor – including clienteling and loyalty apps that help ensure a more personalised service.

The Cegid Retail software is also being used to help target more local events and launches specifically geared towards each country and type of customer. This might involve gathering information on a customer’s previous shopping preferences – or, say, the nationalities of customers visiting different stores - so that staff have a better idea of what to offer.


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