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Mountain Warehouse peaks with RFID rollout

By Retail Technology | Tuesday February 4 2020

Outdoor clothing and equipment retailer Mountain Warehouse has started a rollout of RFID across its 400 global stores

The deployment started in January 2020 in the United Kingdom, continuing with Europe, North America and New Zealand with the main objective being to improve inventory accuracy, leading to better product availability.

It is using Nedap’s inventory management solution !D Cloud for the rollout.

“We have been very successful over the past 22 years at Mountain Warehouse. To build on this growth, we made the decision in 2019 to RFID source tag our inventory. As a result of this, we will benefit hugely from having full inventory visibility. Knowing what is in stock allows us to provide better  product availability, improving our customer proposition, whilst increasing sales,” said Jamie Morgado, head of retail operations at Mountain Warehouse.

Scale internationally

For the RFID project, the company looked for an experienced supplier with a platform that was simple to integrate to, could scale internationally with ease, and was lightweight to setup from an IT perspective.

“We feel that Nedap’s experience in the market and approach to RFID, fits in very well with our objectives and culture at Mountain Warehouse, not only now, but where we want to be in the future too”, added Alexandria Smuts, head of IT delivery at Mountain Warehouse.



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