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COVID-19: Deliveries arriving quicker during pandemic

By Retail Technology | Tuesday April 7 2020

Online retailers and their carriers are delivering parcels almost 20% faster than usual as the ongoing coronavirus crisis continues to unfold

The speed at which parcels from online orders are being delivered is showing to be quicker than usual, despite a surge in the number of online orders being made.

Average delivery time has reduced from 2.1 days to 1.7 days in the last two weeks, according to new internal data released by parcelLab.

This rise in efficiency is being put down to a number of key factors including people being confined to their homes during the day and more able to receive parcels on the first try and many carriers removing the need for a signature on delivery, which again saves time as they can drop off the parcel even when people aren’t at home.

More customers are also likely to be opting for carriers to leave their parcel in a safe location, which again increases first-attempt delivery success, while carriers are able to get from A to B much quicker as the roads are far less busy.



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