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Healthcare cyber security feature comes to retail

By Retail Technology | Friday August 21 2020 | UPDATED 21.08.20

A leading cyber security feature on a health platform used widely across the NHS is now available to retailers

Orpheus Cyber has successfully collaborated with healthcare marketplace platform The Edge4Health to see its security solution placed within 140 NHS Trusts to ensure the security and integrity of suppliers serving NHS trusts. 

Because cyber security is a key issue for suppliers and increasingly a factor in purchasing decisions, Virtualstock – which created The Edge4Health in partnership with NHS Shared Business Services -  has extended its partnership to cover its retail supply chain platform, The Edge™. 

Orpheus’ technology gives all suppliers a cyber security rating, which can be viewed by their retail customers.

Suppliers are able to access reports that provide them with a detailed explanation of their specific threats and live attack surface vulnerabilities. 

Real time 

The report also shows suppliers how to reduce their issues, improve their security and prevent them from being the weak link in the supply chain.

Vendors using Virtualstock’s platform have visibility over these ratings in real time and can ultimately choose not to trade with suppliers with poor ratings until they take steps to enhance their security. 

The integration of this technology means companies can make risk based-sourcing decisions, alongside the time and cost saving benefits already received.

Oliver Church, CEO, Orpheus said: “Cyber risk to supply chains is an urgent issue which is many organisations’ weak point. Adversaries are increasingly targeting supply chains because of the data they hold and the disruption that can be achieved, which is why such attacks are often very damaging.”

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