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Charlotte Tilbury gets analytics makeover

By Retail Technology | Thursday September 10 2020 | UPDATED 10.09.20

Luxury beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury has deployed a new analytics platform to accelerate its omnichannel growth

The goal was to advance its data analytics processes while scaling up its ecommerce platform to meet growing customer needs across channels.

Charlotte Tilbury chose Google Cloud’s Looker platform to deliver a unified approach to analytics and reporting that opens up access to real-time, critical data insights across the business, from ecommerce to supply chain and finance.  

Today, all areas of the company use Looker, helping Charlotte Tilbury build a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enabling more informed decision-making, and guiding its online strategy to better serve customer demands.

"We now have faster access to reliable, real-time insights that provide informed decision-making, and build trust at this uncertain time,” said Dr. Andreas Gertsch Grover, director of data at Charlotte Tilbury. 

Improved efficiencies

While the initial Looker deployment was focused on ecommerce, all teams are now using Looker including its physical retail teams, bolstering Charlotte Tilbury’s omnichannel integration.

This multi-departmental sharing of insights also helps improve efficiencies throughout the company’s supply chain, assisting with stock-shortage notifications and order-volume fluctuations across different geographies.  


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